What is MULTIMIN® Injection for Cattle?

  • MULTIMIN® is a unique 4 in 1 trace mineral injection that makes your herd 'performance ready' by improving fertility and immunity.
  • MULTIMIN® enhances antioxidant systems to improve the health and performance of Cattle.
  • MULTIMIN® is rapidly-absorbed, readily-utilised and provides prolonged antioxidant action to cover 'high demand' periods.
  • MULTIMIN® is scientifically-proven to improve health and performance of livestock.

Recommended For

  • Increasing the number of calves born earlier in the season, giving them an extra 20 to 40 days to perform to the best of their genetic potential
  • Improving all three parts of the immune system to make livestock 'performance ready'.

Why Choose MULTIMIN®?

  • Boosts availability of essential trace minerals in 'high demand' periods
  • Absorbed into the blood within 8 hours and the liver within 24 hours
  • Prolonged antioxidant action for months
  • Balanced, chelated, and water-based formulation
  • Can be used up to nine months after opening

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