MULTIMIN® + Cu, is used strategically in multiple stock classes of cattle and deer.

MULTIMIN® + Cu is an injectable source of: Zinc (40 mg/ml), Manganese (10 mg/ml), Copper (15 mg/ml), and Selenium (5 mg/ml). It's formulated to optimise these trace elements particularly during periods of high demand or high productivity.

The elements in MULTIMIN® + Cu are essential to metabolic processes affecting reproduction, immunity, and growth and these production effects have been shown in trials to be beneficial even when animals are on diets expected to prevent deficiencies. This can be explained by the fact that animals’ needs are dynamic, and some periods have very high requirements that often deplete animals to low levels, preventing optimum production, growth, fertility or immunity to disease.

MULTIMIN® + Cu is presented in 200 ml and 500 ml flexi-packs to provide convenient dosing for all stock ages and classes. A new born calf requires as little as ¾ ml and a 500 kg cow requires 5 ml.

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