What is MULTIMIN®?

MULTIMIN® is a balanced, complementary trace mineral supplement supplying zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, and chromium in a tissue compatible and biologically available form.

There is a distinct need to increase trace element dependent functions in farm animals at critical times like, dry - off (dairy), calving (dairy; beef), lambing (sheep; goats) and breeding (dairy; beef; sheep; goats) and pre-conditioning for the feedlot.

Many health, production and reproduction problems that are totally or partially dependent on trace element functions, still exist in modern day, well managed livestock production systems where oral trace element and vitamin supplementation programs utilize the best technology available.

The main reasons why oral supplementation (through the feed) of trace elements, as the only route, fails to optimize the trace element status of animals and ultimately trace element functions, especially at critical times are:

  • Large variation between individual animals in feed / supplement intake.
  • Low or variable feed intake and thus low or variable trace mineral intake of the same animal on a daily basis.
  • Complex mineral antagonisms in the digestive tract of animals. Mineral antagonisms are difficult to manage and often result in the sub optimal status of zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium at critical stages in the livestock production and reproduction cycle.

MULTIMIN® is indicated for use four weeks before critical events (calving, lambing and mating) to correct possible trace mineral imbalances and also to enhance trace element functions at these critical events when needed most. Supplementing injectable vitamin A + E with MULTIMIN® will further enhance the synergistic effects of zinc x vitamin A and selenium x vitamin E.

Available in 100 ml and 500 ml

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